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About the Toolkit

This toolkit was developed as part of a project to improve the collection of crime victim restitution by capturing the knowledge and experience of those on the front lines. This project also included a Webcast roundtable featuring presentations by 5 programs representing different approaches to improving restitution collection, and the publication from that roundtable in "Making Restitution Real: Five Case Studies on Improving Restitution Collection."

Many officials share responsibility for the collection of victim restitution, from prosecutors and their staff to court personnel, probation and parole officials, corrections departments, and even victims themselves. The toolkit includes resources of interest to all of them, as well as to policymakers. For ease of access, we have organized materials into 6 broad categories:

However, the processes and methods to collect victim restitution are often interrelated; therefore, the toolkit also contains cross-references between sections where appropriate.

The materials shown here were gathered through a variety of means: some were provided by speakers and participants in our 2010 Restitution Roundtable; others were identified through outreach to practitioners and staff research; still others were created as part of this project. All are used with permission.

Importantly, although we cast our net wide in assembling the materials contained here, we realize that other jurisdictions may have developed other tools and resources that would be of interest to their peers. The National Center remains interested in gathering those additional resources. Please feel free to contact us at ncvcpolicy@ncvc.org if you have something to share. We know that collection of restitution and other court debt can be improved.


Many people assisted in the creation of this toolkit. First, we'd like to acknowledge the many front line criminal justice and victim service professionals who recommended or provided materials for inclusion in this kit, including the presenters and participants at our March 2010 Restitution Roundtable.

We'd also like to thank Joye Frost, acting director of the Office for Victims of Crime, for her continued support for victims' rights implementation, and our project monitor Kimberly Dolise Kelberg, for her support and guidance through this project.

National Center for Victims of Crime Team Members:

  • Susan Smith Howley, Project Director
  • Kristi Rocap, Graphic Designer
  • Joseph Kosten, Project Outreach
  • Laura Mason, Policy Intern
  • Jennifer Drew Lindsey, Policy Intern
  • Katherine Giblin, Legislative Intern
  • Lauren Mee, Legislative Intern

This toolkit was produced by the National Center for Victims of Crime under cooperative agreement 2009-SZ-B9-K006, awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this document are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

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