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Setting the FRAMEWORK

APPA Position Paper: Offender Accountability
Pew Center Guiding Principles: Sentencing, Corrections, and Public Safety
Example Mission Statements
Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order
State Court Administrators' 2008 White Paper
NCSC CourTools: Collection of Monetary Penalties (Measure 7)
NCSC Analysis Template
Maricopa Cty. Probation: 2011 Strategic Plan
Multnomah Cty. Collection Performance Measurement
Maricopa Cty. Financial Compliance Program
Colorado Court Collections Investigator Program
Lead Collections Investigator: Position Description
Michigan Court Collections Program (Component 1)
Victim Restitution Officer, York Cty.: Position Description
Restorative Justice Online

Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force Final Report
California Restitution Benchguide
Texas Collection Improvement Program Statute
Judicial Council of California Report to the Legislature
NCSC “Trends in State Courts 2013: Oregon”
Colorado Restitution Collection Deferred Judgment Bill
Maricopa County Adult Probation FY2013 Annual Report
California 2010 Restitution Summit Video
California Revenue Officers Association
Governmental Collectors Association of Texas
Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network
Government Revenue Collection Association
Council of State Government’s “Repaying Debts”
California Adult Restitution Orders and Fines Quick Sheet
California Juvenile Restitution Orders and Fines Quick Sheet


Promoting Early PAYMENT

Colorado Collections Investigator Program: Mission Statement
Michigan Court Collections Program Components (2 & 3)
Michigan Judicial Training Video
Use of Bail Bonds by State
Example Bond Forms
Oregon Statutory Authority to Sell Assets
Preconviction Statutory Analysis
California Bench Guide on Restitution (excerpt)
Florida Pleadings on Consumer Protection Law


CO Short Financial Disclosure Form
CO Long Financial Disclosure Form
AK Financial Disclosure Form  
PA FAQ on Payment Obligations  
"Your Restitution Responsibilities" CA Brochure
PA Unified Court System Online Payment Portal
PA Unified Court System Online Portal User Guide
"Tips and Techniques for Encouraging Payment," Maricopa Cty.
"Motivating Offenders to Change," National Institute on Corrections
Payment-Tracking Software 
Guide for Evaluating Collections Software, TX Office of Court Administration 
Checklist for Comparing Collections Software, TX Office of Court Administration 
Inmate "Account Sweeps"
Process for Inmate Account Sweeps, TX Office of Court Administration
Prison Work Wage Garnishment
Attaching Inmate's Civil Suit Recovery

California Adult Offender’s Restitution Pamphlet (Spanish)
Umbreit, Coates, Vos. “Victim-offender Mediation: Three Decades of Practice and Research.”
Dodge County, WI Victim/Offender Conferencing
Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force Final Report



Sample Delinquency Notice
Condition of Probation or Parole
AZ Maricopa Payment Ability Evaluation Worksheet
AZ Maricopa Graduated Sanctions for Delinquent Defenders
Revoked or Extended Probation or Parole
MT Probation Supervision Procedures
Misc. Statutory Consequences of Default
PA Statute on Receiving Public Assistance
PA Sample Form for Background Checks for Public Assistance
AL Delinquency Request for Warrant
ME Sentencing Form
FL Deduction Income Order
MI Restitution Installment Plan
Defendant Income Tax Refund Chart
CO Summary of Income Tax Refund Interception
MN Tax Refund Recapture Program
Lottery Winning Collections
CO Law Attaching Unclaimed Property
AL Law on Collection Fee Structure 
CA Sample Master Agreement with Collections Vendors
CA Sample Master Agreement Statement of Work
CA Sample Master Agreement Forms
CA Sample Master Agreement Fee Schedule
CA Sample Contract for Local Courts' Use with Collections Vendors
KS Contract Award for Collection Vendor

Nebraska Court Compliance Pilot Project



Larimer Cty, CO, Financial Evaluation Form for Juveniles
Bulletin on Meaningful Community Service for Juveniles, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Lehigh Cty, PA, Juvenile Recycling Program
Project Payback, Making Restitution Real
CO Guidelines for Probation Officers Supervising Economic Crime Offenders
Attaching Assets Preconviction
IN Securities Restitution Fund Act
IN Securities Restitution Fund Act Press Release
IN Securities Restitution Fund FAQ
IN Securities Restitution Fund Claim Application


CA Dept of Corrections Guide for Victims
MD Dept of Public Safety Brochure for Victims
MN, Dakota Cty, Brochure for Victims
NY Office of Victim Services Brochure for Victims
MI, Eaton Cty, Brochure on Collecting Restitution
CA, San Diego Cty, Brochure on Collecting Restitution

Larimer County, CO FAQ for Victims
Larimer County, CO Restitution Coordinator Job Description
Lancaster County, PA Restitution Advocate
Montana communicating with victims, example
Maricopa County communicating with victims, example
Colorado communicating with victims, example
California’s Restitution Money Protection Bill
Maryland’s Department of Parole and Probation Restitution Units
APPA Victim Information and Notification

Additional Resources

Technology Resources


Free online people search engines:

http://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/  - Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator.

Professional Networks and Resources
Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network
National Association for Court Management
National Center for State Courts

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