Financial Crime Resource Center

A program of the National Center for Victims of Crime to help advocates assist victims of financial fraud and ensure that victims have access to the best possible services and advice to assist them with recovery.

Upcoming Financial Fraud Trainings

The Financial Crime Resource Center offers webinars and in-person trainings on various aspects of financial fraud and how victim advocates can assist victims of financial fraud in recovering their assets and obtaining justice.

  • Recognize, Report, and Recover: Friends and Family Respond to Elder Financial Exploitation

    December 5, 2014 1:00 PM
    Focusing on the important role of bystanders (friends and family) in recognizing and assisting in the recovery from elder financial exploitation, this webinar will provide friends and family with an understanding of how victimization of the elderly occurs, how they can recognize the exploitation, and what a family member needs to do in order to assist in reporting and recovery. Additionally, there will be information in this webinar on how to manage the money of an elderly person who has entrusted their finances to a friend or family member. The speakers for this webinar will include experts from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.