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The NCVBA provides technical support to attorneys representing crime victims in civil actions, refers crime victims to lawyers in their local area, and works to increase general awareness about the availability of civil remedies for victims of crime.

Civil Justice Case Law Database

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The Civil Justice Case Law Database

The National Crime Victim Bar Association's Civil Justice Database provides direct on-line access to an electronic library of over 11,000 summaries of victim litigation cases. In recent years, greater numbers of crime victims have turned to civil tort claims to be compensated for the injuries they have suffered. As a result, there is a growing body of case law governing a victim's right to make a civil recovery against the perpetrator, and against third parties whose negligence made the crime possible. The Civil Justice Database helps attorneys, researchers, and others quickly identify on-point cases.

Traditional legal research can take hours in the library. Even other types of computer-assisted research can force researchers to sort through hundreds of irrelevant cases without any assurance that they will find ones they need. The Civil Justice Database jump-starts legal research by providing summaries of on-point cases in just a fraction of the time.

The Only Database of Its Kind

The database is continually updated with current state and federal civil cases arising out of criminal acts. Every published appellate decision is reviewed and analyzed for inclusion in the collection. Cases are summarized and annotated to make information easy to find. The database also includes Verdict and Settlement information that has been reported by Bar Association members or published in the news media. 

Annotations That Make Case Searches Easy

Customize your search by focusing on any or all of the following categories:

Allows you to focus on the relationship between the parties. Choose from Victim v. Perpetrator, Victim v. Third Party, Perpetrator as Plaintiff, or Third Party as Plaintiff. 

Once you have identified the relationship between the parties, this field allows you to specify the general type of civil suit, e.g., premises liability or dram shop.

Search by the type of crime that was the basis for the civil action. Choose from fifty-nine pre-selected crimes including Homicide, Sexual Assault, Shooting, Child Sex Abuse, Carjacking, Drunk Driving, and Fraud.

Civil liability is often influenced by where the crime occurred. Choose from fifty pre-selected locations including ATM, Child Care Facility, College Campus, Nursing Home, and Workplace. Combine the location search with a crime search to find similar fact patterns, e.g., sexual assaults at hotels or shootings in parking lots.

Damage Awards
To a limited extent, the Civil Justice Database can be used for case valuation. Limit your search to those summaries that include a damage award for insight into common valuations of particular types of cases. For example, what is a reasonable verdict or settlement against a religious organization for child sexual assault?

Counsel of Record and Expert Witnesses
This feature can be used to search for other crime victim law suits litigated by opposing counsel or other cases in which a particular Expert Witness appeared. Current database entries include contact information when it is available so you can strategize with attorneys who have handled similar cases.

And More
You can also customize your search with standard queries based on case citation, state, court, judge, or date of the opinion.

Clear Case Summaries That Get to the Point of the Opinion

A brief recitation of the facts and the holding of the case allow you to quickly determine if the case is on point.


We have systematically collected cases for over a decade, and now have over 11,000 case summaries ready for your review. With this extensive legal research tool, you are almost certain to find a case on point. Examples of topic areas are:

Premises Liability/Negligent Security

Negligent Supervision of Contractor by Landlord, Sexual Assault view sample case
Negligent Security by Landlord, Assault & Battery view sample case
Negligent Lighting by Commercial Proprietor, Robbery and Shooting view sample case


Negligent Hiring, Sexual Assault view sample case
Nursing Home Liability for Negligent Supervision and Retention, Sexual Assault view sample case
Mental Health Counselor's Failure to Warn Third Party, Homicide view sample case

Government Liability

Negligent Supervision of Inmate, Homicide view sample case
Failure to conceal identity of anonymous tipster, Homicide view sample case
Failure to Respond to 911, Homicide view sample case
Failure to Protect Witness, Homicide view sample case
Violation of Privacy, Sexual Assault view sample case

Parental Liability

Negligent Supervision, Homicide view sample case
Negligent Entrustment, Homicide view sample case

Colleges and Universities

Failure to Supervise, Sexual Assault view sample case
Special Relationship, Sexual Assault view sample case

Religious Organization Liability

Failure to Supervise, Child Sex Abuse view sample case

Alcohol Liability

Social Host, Assault by Minor view sample case
Punitive Damages, Drunk Driving view sample case

Intentional Tort

Sexual Assault view sample case
Exception to Intra-Family Immunity, Child Abuse, and Homicide view sample case

Insurance Issues

PIP Benefits, Carjacking view sample case
Intentional Act Exclusion, Child Sex Abuse view sample case
Business Exclusion, Child Sex Abuse view sample case

Cost Effective

Other forms of electronic legal research often cost thousands of dollars per year to access. Because the National Crime Victim Bar Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping crime victims achieve civil justice, it can offer this highly-specialized legal resource at the following affordable prices.

$25 for one day of access

You can instantly access the database with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. You can assign a client identifier to the research session to allow you to attribute the research cost to a particular client. The day begins when you start your research. Upon the expiration of day, your research session will be terminated. Unused research time may not be claimed after the access time has expired.

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