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National Center Projects

Improving the Response to Victims of Child Pornography

The fields of victim services, law enforcement, and mental health have learned a great deal about meeting the needs of child sexual abuse victims. But what about victims whose abuse is photographed or video taped, and those images are circulated for many years over many jurisdictions?

See what the National Center is doing to create better outcomes for victims of child pornography.


Child Trafficking Victims and the Child Welfare System

In April 2012, the National Center for Victims of Crime convened a roundtable of national, state, and local advocates, practitioners, and officials to consider two important issues relating to child victims of foreign and domestic trafficking:
  1. the need to incorporate a child welfare response into anti-trafficking efforts, and
  2. the need to provide legal representation to these victims.

Read about the resulting policy recommendations and other work.


Child Victim Act

Statutes of limitation are legal windows of time in which victims may pursue justice through the criminal or civil courts. The National Center is working throughout the country to abolish the civil time limits for victims of child sexual abuse.

Learn more about the importance of removing statutes of limitation for child sex abuse victims.


National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide

Since 1981, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) has challenged the nation to extend its vision of crime victims’ rights and services to reach every victim of crime. To that end, the National Center for Victims of Crime has partnered with the Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice to produce the NCVRW Resource Guide, a wide array of user-friendly tools, information, and concrete, practical ideas on how to involve communities in extending the vision of crime victims’ rights and services to reach every victim.

Browse this year's guide.


Youth Initiative

Young people are victimized at astonishing rates yet are often under-identified and under-served.

Learn more about youth victimization, download tools for outreach and education, and see what the National Center has done to help these vulnerable victims.