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National Stalking Awareness Month 2016 Events


January 2015 marks the eleventh observance of National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM). Below is a summary of some of the national and local NSAM activities.


  • On December 31, 2015, the White House released the January 2015 as National Stalking Awareness Month presidential proclamation. You can read the proclamation by clicking here.

Local Stalking Awareness Month Activities

Agencies, groups, and individuals across the United States commemorated NSAM 2016 in creative and innovative ways.



(States in yellow held NSAM2016 Events)




  • S.H.A.R.E Inc. with Fort Morgan police chief Darin Sagel, hosted a public discussion about stalking following the showing of a video that told the story of Peggy Klinke, a stalking victim. Click here to read the news article.



  • The Center for a Non-Violent Community partnered with the Tuolumne County District Attorney Victim/Witness Program to launch a program to boost awareness about stalking. Click here to read the news article.
  • California Poly Pomona University Police launched a Twitter campaign to reach spread awareness about stalking through education and preparedness information. Click here to read the news article.


  • The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence issued a challenge in a blog post to citizens: to think about language related to stalking. Phrases like “Facebook stalking” minimize the situation when someone is actually being stalked. Click here to read the blog post.


  • Phi Alpha Omega of Flagler College and Betty Griffin House teamed up to host an expert panel discussion to raise awareness about NSAM. The panel included victims of stalking, law enforcement members and advocates. Click here to read the news article.
  • Florida State College in Jacksonville hosted a panel discussion of anti-stalking activists to help spread awareness during NSAM. Click here to read the news article.


  • It’s Just Us Radio hosted Michelle Garcia, director of the Stalking Resource Center, to discuss Stalking Awareness Month.


  • The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office held a free training session for victim assistance organizations on stalking awareness and prevention in honor of NSAM. Click here to read the news article.
  • Saint Mary’s Belles Against Violence Office hosted national speaker Debbie Riddle, to increase community awareness regarding stalking. Click here to read the news article.



  • Cowley County Safe Homes partnered with the Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coalition to host a luncheon featuring a panel of local professionals who work with victims of stalking and those who stalk. Click here to read the news article.


  • Southern University in Shreveport hosted YANA (You Are Not Alone) Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center, Inc. for a presentation on Stalking Awareness.
  • Lend Ah Hand Stalking Support Group hosted the 2nd Annual Stalking Awareness workshop in cooperation with the LSU Women’s Center and LSU Police. Click here to view the website.
  • Bossier Parish Community College held a seminar to discuss the impact of stalking on college students and in the community. Click here to read the news article.



  • The University of Michigan Police Department hosted several educational events on campus, including daily Twitter posts and stalking awareness training of Campus Officers. Their website can be found here
  • Michigan State police worked to educate citizens about stalking, including how to identify and report the crime. Click here to read the news article.
  • Central Michigan University’s Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates hosted a stalking awareness presentation at the Bovee University Center. Click here to read the news article.



  • Franklin county Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer signed a proclamation in observance of National Stalking Awareness month. Click here to read the news article.
  • The University of Missouri, Columbia hosted a lunch discussion and presentation on awareness and prevention regarding stalking and how to address myths commonly associated with stalking.

    Click here to read the news article.



  • University of Nebraska at Kearney held their annual stalking awareness panel on January 21, This year they focused on how social media has impacted stalking. Click here to read the article.

New York

  • Claire Cappetta offered her book, Stalking Liberty, free to download with a coupon for all ebook platforms. In addition, she spoke with law enforcement departments and organized packs to give to victims of stalking.

North Carolina


  • Chateau D’Italia hosted a benefit dinner to bring awareness to stalking by featuring Liz Diehl as an expert speaker and accepting donations for CONTACT Crisis Intervention center.
  • The Highland County Victim Witness Office launched a social media campaign with daily postings about stalking awareness, including information and statistics. Click here to read the news article.
  • In Dayton, Debbie Riddle held a public event with a documentary and presentation on the crime of stalking. Click here to see the announcement.


  • KOCO.com profiled Suzanne Snell, a Purcell attorney, concerning her efforts to promote stalking awareness and support victims of stalking. Click here to read the news article.


  • Kelley Cloyd, an Assistant District Attorney for Multnomah County specializing in stalking cases, gave a stalking awareness and prevention presentation at Mt. Hood Community College. Click here to read the news article.


  • Penn State University Police and Public Safety promoted stalking awareness at a variety of locations throughout the month. Click here to read the news article.
  • HealthForumOnline offered on online course entitled “The Psychological Factors in Stalking: Victim and Stalker Characteristics” for free with any purchase in the month of January 2016.


  • The RGV Empowerment Zone Corp. in partnership with the Alton Police Department hosted a training to raise awareness for both professionals and non-professionals.

Virgin Islands

  • The Virgin Islands Consortium published an editorial thanking victim assistance professionals for all that has been done regarding stalking, domestic violence and human trafficking and reflecting on what is still left to be done. The piece also served as a reminder about Stalking Awareness Month. Click here to read the editorial.

West Virginia

  • The CONTACT Rape Crisis Center in Huntington, West Virginia hosted a benefit dinner at the Chateau D’Italia to spread community awareness and raise funds to provide services to stalking victims. CONTACT used this opportunity to discuss Stalking Awareness Month and their benefit dinner via local radio, TV stations and newspapers. Click here to read the news article.
  • CONTACT also provided display tables at Marshall University and Mountwest Community and Technical College with a focus on cyberstalking.
  • The Rape and Domestic Violence information Center in Morgantown offers stalking safety kits to victims and hosted an informational session to promote awareness about stalking. Link
  • In Barbour County, prosecuting attorney Leckta Poling is teaming up with Women’s Aid in Crisis to help educate people about stalking. Click here to read the news article.


  • Christ Recovery Ministry distributed flyers at various church’s and around the neighborhood to raise awareness and promote education concerning stalking.

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