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Blackfeet Tribe

§ 5-2-8. Stalking. (1996)
Any person commits the offense of nonsupport if he or she purposely or knowingly causes another person substantial emotional distress or reasonable apprehension of bodily injury or death by repeatedly;

a. following the stalked person; or

b. following, threatening, or intimidating the stalked person, in person or by phone, by mail, or by other action, device, or method.

2. This section does not apply to a constitutionally protected activity.

3. For the first offense, a person convicted of stalking shall be imprisoned in the tribal jail for a term not to exceed six (6) months or fined an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or both. For a second or subsequent offense or for a first offense against a victim who was under the protection in the Blackfeet Tribal Jail for a term not to exceed one (1) year or fined an amount not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or both. A person convicted of stalking may be sentenced to pay all medical, counseling, and other costs incurred by or on behalf of the victim as a result of the offense.

4. Upon reasonable presentation of credible evidence of violation of this Section, an order may be granted restraining a person from engaging in the activity described in subsection (1).