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National Stalking Awareness Month 2011 Activities

January 2011 marked the eight observance of National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM). Below is a summary of some of the national and local NSAM activities.

 National Stalking Awareness Month Activities

The Stalking Resource Center (SRC) participated in a number of events to promote NSAM 2011 including:
  • On December 13, 2010, SRC staff hosted a Webinar on the history, evolution, and observance of NSAM. 
  • On January 18, 2011, SRC Senior Program Manager Rebecca Dreke moderated a panel discussion focusing on the story of Illinois teen Hannah Perryman. The event was hosted by the US Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women and the Attorney General Eric Holder. Click here to see a video of the event
  • On January 31, 2011, SRC Director Michelle Garcia spoke on C-SPAN discussing state and federal stalking laws and NSAM. Click here to see a video of the interview.
  • President Obama declared January 2011 as National Stalking Awareness Month, the first president to issue a National Stalking Awareness Month proclamation.

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Local Stalking Awareness Month Activities

Agencies, groups, and individuals across the United States commemorated NSAM 2011 in creative and innovative ways. Below is a compilation of local awareness activities.

*If your activity is not listed, please let us know

  • Juneau Police Department: Posted a stalking quiz on their blog.
  • LeeShore Lighthouse: Published information about NSAM and stalking in their newsletter.
  • California State University, Los Angeles Gender & Sexuality Resource Center: Held an event entitled Stalker Awareness Safety, where participants learned how to recognize stalking and steps to stay safe.  Participants also created their own safety kit and empowerment memento.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara Rape Prevention Education Program: Provided information to the campus through posters, flyers, buttons, and a bulletin board display. Posted the Stalking Awareness Month status updates on the Students Stopping Rape Facebook page. Hosted three workshops: 1. Stalking: It's Not a Joke, It's Not Romantic, It's Not Okay, 2. Enough!: Stalking and Abusive Relationships, and 3. Undetected Rapist: Stalking and Sexual Assault.
  • WEAVE, Inc.: Posted information about NSAM on their website.
  • Tahoe Women's Services: Provided information about stalking to the community.
  • Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS): Launched a billboard campaign to call attention to the issues of organized stalking and remote electronic assaults.
  • SafeQuest Solano: Participated in staff development training at a local high school regarding texting and cyberstalking. Shared with staff the danger of posting too much information on Facebook or other social media networks, which would allow a stalker to guess passwords. Participated in first ever all University of California campus Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault conference. Presented stalking awareness workshop to conference attendees.
  • Kennesaw Police Department: Provided information about stalking to the community.
  • Southern Connecticut State University Women's Center: Posted information about stalking and NSAM on their Web site.
  • Hubbard House: Submitted a list of stalking safety tips in the local newspaper.
  • St. Cloud Police Department: Dedicated display board in the lobby with information concerning stalking.
  • NuRevelations LLC: Spoke on an online radio station, www.adonaibroadcasting.org, about stalking and domestic violence.
  • Governor signed a proclamation declaring January 2011 as Stalking Awareness Month.
  • The University of Hawaii's Women's Center, the group Pau Violence, the UH Activities Council, ITS, and Manoa Campus: Provided a free t-shirt give away to promote stalking awareness (the theme of the shirts was "Don't Follow Me"). Hosted several events highlighting cyber harassment. 
  • Pocatello Police: Held a Stalking Awareness panel at Idaho State University.
  • Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence: Hosted two webinars. One webinar for advocates on advocating for stalking victims and another for employers on stalking and the workplace. Participants in the employer webinar were provided with order forms to order brochures and posters on stalking and member programs were provided with the same opportunity. ICASDV recently changed it's mission statement to include stalking.
  • Office of Union County State's Attorney: Issued a news release promoting NSAM and providing information about stalking to members of the community. Attorney General Lisa Madigan hosted an event entitled "Campus Safety and Cyber Dangers: Stalking on College Campuses in the Digital Age," at DePaul University's College of Law
  • Information relating to stalking will be available in many local libraries throughout the month, including locations in Reddick, Oglesby, Sandwich, La Salle, Peru, Grave-Hume, Seneca, Earlville, Robert Rowe, Marseilles, Streator, Lostant and Utica.
  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Posted stalking information on their Facebook page.
  • University of Iowa Rape Victim Advocacy Program: Set up informational tables to hand out brochures and fact sheets.
  • Iowa State University Women's Center: Hosted event to discuss issues deal with stalking in recognition of NSAM.
  • Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence and 30 sexual and domestic violence advocacy organizations: Raised awareness about NSAM within the community.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department: Updated Department's Facebook and Twitter accounts daily using the 31 Days of Posts. Conducted two training classes for law enforcement officers on January 4 and 6, with a total of 32 officers attending. Conducted a training class for the Tangiapahoa Parish Victim's Assistance Program volunteers on January 26. Hung posters promoting the month in Department's lobby and the campus Parking Office lobby.
  • Caring Unlimited: Hosted an event called "Atlantic Plunge," in which participants swam in the ocean, to raise money for the group. Posted information about stalking on their website.
  • Maine Coalition To End Domestic Violence: Issued a press release with information about stalking and NSAM.
  • Massachusetts Protective Mothers for Custodial Justice, Inc.: Posted the NSAM website on their website, along with redacted cases and incidents. 
  • Bay Area Women's Shelter: Raised awareness about NSAM, focused on educating youth and teenagers.
  • Branch County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (BCCADV): Promoted NSAM through a press release.
  • Southwest Crisis Center: Promoted NSAM within the community.
  • Pathways of West Central Minnesota, Inc.: Raised awareness about stalking within the community 
  • S.A.F.E., Inc.: Posted the 31 days of posts on their blog with youtube videos and links to resources on the SRC site. Published an article in the newsletter. Presented classes on stalking to school groups and adult groups.
  • Jones County Sheriff's Department: Issued a press release about NSAM. 
  • Joplin Police and the local women's shelter: Issued a news release promoting NSAM and providing information about stalking to members of the community
  • University of Missouri, Kansas City Women's Center: Set up an information table at a residence hall providing pamphlets and other resources about stalking, including an online quiz and a "stalking resource kit," which included a camera, stalking log and information on what to do if one feels he or she is a victim of the crime.
  • University of Missouri Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP) and the student group STARS (Stronger Together Against Relationship and Sexual Violence): Hosted a series of presentations, including "Stalking in the Media."
  • Dawson County Domestic Violence Program, Custer Network Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault and Richland County Coalition: Put up displays in the area. Held meetings on Jan 25 and 26 detailing how a community can respond to and assist with such issues.
  • Alliance for Victim's Rights: Issued a press release promoting NSAM.
New Jersey
  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Intervention Services (DASI): Set up an exhibit on stalking awareness inside one of the Sussex County Community College's buildings.
  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Intervention Services: Set up a display in the local Sussex County Community College campus. Ran a 24/7 electronic sign stating "Jan. is Stalking Awareness Month" and giving our web-site address to contact for more information, and saw an increase in calls as a result. Gave the local newspaper information for a press release which resulted in a reporter coming for an interview and a story. The same newspaper ran a Sunday series on the increased use of technology by both perpetrators/criminals to carry out cimes and the police depasrtments to monitor and apprehend them. Had inquiries from Essex County NJ Prosecutors Office regarding the display at the college and suggesting collaboration on a Stalking Toolkit. Provided a Stalking Awareness component to a 60-hour Crisis Intervention class.
New York
  • Osewego County Opportunities and Services to Aid Families (SAF): Collected cell phones and other materials at State University College athletic events and local businesses for "stalking sacks" to be given to individuals experiencing stalking.
  • Vassar College Office of Health Education: Displayed information about stalking and NSAM on a bulletin board in the College Center. Provided a pamphlet on stalking.
North Carolina
  • SAFE, Inc.: Posted "stay safe" tips on Facebook page and added stalking awareness information, including safety tips and a link to the NSAM website, to SAFE's website. Submitted a press release to the local news outlets. 
  • North Carolina State's Women's Center: sponsored a ceremony recognizing NSAM Thursday, January 20, focusing on stalking using technology. 
North Dakota
  • North Dakota Council on Abused Women's Services: Posted information and safety tips regarding stalking on their Web site.
  • Domestic Violence Center of Greater Cleveland: Initiated a new facilitated support group for victims of stalking.
  • Kent State: Promoted NSAM through an article published online. 
  • Pawnee Nation Violence Against Women Program: Presented "Stalking: The Digital Age" to all of the high school and middle schools in Pawnee County
  • Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma: Set up information booths at the local colleges. Sent out an email to Choctaw Nation employees about Stalking Awareness. Made an announcement during half time at basketball games about Stalking Awareness and had a display board and information about stalking. Set up information at local community centers. Presented at the Women's Drug Treatment Center and homeless shelter. 
  • Oklahoma Operation Tri-county Triumph:NOW: Hosted a Stalking Awareness Community Event on 12 January 2011 at the Tri-county Technology Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for community members from Nowata, rural Osage, and Washington counties. T.K. Wolf, Inc., presented a training video entitled "Unheard Voices: Stalking in Indian Country," followed by Ann Dapice, PhD presenting the latest findings in brain science as they relate to stalking. OTT-NOW Team members shared examples of how healing from victimization can occur through the arts, Deborah Hunter's poem, "Stalking;" Vanessa Adams-Harris and M. Timothy Gray presented a dramatic representations of a updated stalking laws for Oklahoma; followed by a Valerie Dee Naranjo healing song, and audience feedback facilitated by Art Therapist, Pam Brauchi. The event was attended by local victim service providers, healthcare professionals, court personnel, educators, volunteers, and members of the faith community. Additionally, the OTT-NOW Collaborative partnered with Rogers State University in providing daily stalking awareness PSAs via KRSC-FM 91.3 (RSU Radio).
  • Miami Community Crisis Center: Issued a press release recognizing NSAM.
  • Safenet Services, Inc.: Hosted two events at local coffeehouses entitled, "Coffee for a Cause 'Are You Being Watched?'" In Pryor, Oklahoma Jessica Carriger, Assistant DA and Brent Crittenden, DV Investigator for Police Dept. attended and at Claremore, Oklahome Sheriff Scott Walton, and Jamie Starling, Sgt. with Claremore PD attended. Give National/local stalking stats and information about Cyber Stalking. In addition at both "coffeehouses" Catherine Heimdale, local author, presented overview of her book 'Escape the Dragon's Path' with book signing and a survivor read her poem about her experience. At the Pryor location the local high school leadership and DV Awareness Club particpated by a coral reading of the definition of stalking.
  • Columbia County Women's Resource Center: Issued a press release. Posted information on Facebook. Gathered to observe NSAM.
  • Saving Grace: Promoted NSAM on television.
  • Helping All Victims in Need (HAVIN): Provided trainings to community organizations and police.
Rhode Island
  • Day One: Posted information about NSAM on their home page.
South Carolina
  • Samurai Karate Studio: Promoted awareness and public education by speaking about stalking with students and posting information on social networking sites.
  • Coastal Carolina University Counseling Services: Held an open forum for students, faculty, staff and coalition members from the local rape crisis center (promoted the event within the greek and athletic populations of students).
  • Rape Crisis Center in Myrtle Beach: Partnered with the faith community to provide education and awareness. Offered a community forum with the local community college and university.
  • Anderson Police Department: Prepared "anti-stalking toolkits," containing: a disposable camera for the victim to take photos of suspect's stalking activities in a safe manner; notepad and pen for victim to document each incident of stalking/harassment; two pairs of latex gloves for victim to use before handling any items left by suspect; two brown paper bags for victim to put evidence in; flashlight with personal alarm for personal safety; cell phone for 9-1-1 use; stalking incident log for detailed record keeping; personal safety plan; personal privacy checklist; resource list; and miscellaneous brochures and flyers about stalking.
  • Anderson Police Department Victim Services Division: Posted the daily tips and notes about stalking on the Facebook page, Caring for Kids.
South Dakota
  • Minnehaha County Family Violence Council: Held a training for community members to raise awareness on stalking. Requested a proclamation from the Mayor of our City.
  • H.O.P.E. Center: Put on a display about stalking and NSAM for Tennessee Wesleyan College.
  • Women Together: Presented to local Law Enforcements, Schools and Media Professionals to promote the awareness of stalking. Topics included: The Stalking Law and Penalty, Types of Stalkers and how victims can obtain resources.
  • Newbridge Family Shelter: Raised awareness about NSAM and stalking through an online news article that included safety advice and a survivor's story.
  • Texas Legislature is considering two bills that would make it easier for victims to prove their cases and get restraining orders - and both are backed by Texas First Lady Anita Perry.
  • San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign: Held Men's support groups around male victimization.
  • Texas Woman's University: Held a Q&A panel featuring a local police officer, a representative from the DA's officer, a counselor from the local service provider, and a faculty member to answer anonymous student questions about stalking.
  • University of Vermont Women's Center: Posted the 31 days of posts on their Facebook page.
  • Legislation is being considered by the General Assembly, SB 1222 and HB 2422, which would remove the requirement that a criminal warrant be issued for stalking in order for a victim to be eligible for a stalking protective order. Stalkers would also face tougher sentences for violating a stalking protective order.
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance and Abermarle Victim-Witness Program: Provided information to the community about stalking.
  • Family Support Center: Raised awareness about NSAM and submitted a list of safety tips to the local newspaper.
West Virginia
  • Shenandoah Women's Center: Set up library displays in Jefferson, Morgan, and Berkeley County, and at Shepherd University. Set up posters/ table tents at Shepherd University and Martinsburg Mall. Social Networking outreach on Facebook. Journal PSA, Radio Station PSAs. Provided outreach to college students at Shepherd University, including in residence halls.
  • Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center, Inc.: Held a flyer Campaign. Hosted college campus activities. Issued a Proclamation.
  • CONTACT: Handed out free evidence collection bags, including camera, mace, bags to collect evidence, and a log. 
  • YWCA: Provided education about stalking.
  • Women's Aid in Crisis: Advocates spoke to the Upshur County Commission about the dangers and crimes associated with stalking.
  • Women's Resource Center: Offered stalking prevention material to promote awareness and public education about prevention.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison: Published information about stalking on a college campus in the school's newspaper.
  • University of Wyoming STOP Violence Program: Provided information to the campus about stalking.

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