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Tribal Resource Mapping Project


That National Center for victims of crime and the Tribal Resource Mapping Project are seeking to receive quotes for the development of an online mapping tool.

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American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) have the highest crime victimization rates in the nation but often have difficulty connecting with the services that exist to help them recover from crime and abuse.

AI/AN survivors and others face additional barriers including:

  • Navigating a complicated system that includes federal, state, tribal, and private actors;
  • Identifying available services on and off the reservation;
  • Gaps in services to better meet the unique needs of AI/AN survivors of crime and abuse

The Response:

The Office for Victims of Crime of the U.S. Department of Justice has funded the National Center for Victims of Crime, National Congress of American Indians, and Tribal Law and Policy Institute to create a web-based resource mapping tool that would:

  • Link AI/AN survivors of crime and abuse to services anywhere in the country, and;
  • Help identify gaps in the network of existing services


Our Plan:

The National Center and its partners will work with stakeholders across Indian country and urban Indian communities to identify crime victim services available to AI/AN.

Phase 1: Consult and Collect

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify the service needs of AI/AN survivors of crime and abuse
  • Identify existing services for AI/AN

Phase 2: Design and Release

  • Use information gathered from stakeholders to develop an online resource mapping tool
  • Raise awareness of the tool
  • Use the tool to identify gaps

How You Can Help:

Input is crucial. If you are involved with AI/AN survivors of crime and abuse,

  • Let us know about other similar efforts this project should coordinate with
  • Share your insights and ideas
  • Sign up for project updates
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