Tribal Resource Mapping     

The National Center and its partners are working with stakeholders across Indian country and urban Indian communities to identify crime victim services available to AI/AN.

The National Center for Victims of Crime and The Tribal Resource Mapping Project Developer Solicitation

Invitation for Collaboration


The National Center for Victims of Crime (National Center) seeks to receive quotes for the development of an online mapping tool. The Tribal Resource Mapping Project will subcontract with a web developer to create an online, searchable database to map out resources for crime victims who identify as American Indian and Alaska Native. Please read more about the project on the program website here.  

Issued: March 27, 2017 

Deadline for Final Submission/Questions: April 27, 2017, 5:00 pm EST 

Questions: All questions should be submitted, in written form, to the Program Coordinator, Catherine Godwin at  

Project Description


The General Scope of Work for this project consists of, but is not limited to, the full development of an online mapping tool that will work in sync with National Center’s Salesforce interface to provide referrals to crime victims. This will be constructed using sites to ensure that the National Center doesn't have to maintain additional software or external websites. 

Included will be any alterations necessary to the database structure the National Center maintains in Salesforce to have the data mapped. The developer will also be required to provide testing and ongoing support for any technical issues that arise. 

Tool Features 

The Tribal Resource Mapping Tool proposal and scope of work should contain the following: 

  • Development of a full, public facing, mobile-responsive map to visualize services available to victims based on Salesforce account data. 

  • Development of a submission form that organizations can use to submit requests to be added to the National Center’s database. The information submitted through the form will directly feed the National Center’s Salesforce object. 

  • Development of a user-feedback mechanism for individuals to submit comments about the tool itself or included providers, this feedback will be confidential. 

  • Development of a print option for users to print a static list of providers based on their search results. 

  • Ability to migrate data and mapping tool to a mobile app when developed, or ability of victims to search for resources when not connected to the internet. Applicants may submit formal bids with or without development of a mobile app included.  

  • Map needs to be desktop, mobile and tablet friendly. 

  • User ability to filter database parameters and conduct search key word searches. 

  • Accessibility Features 

  • Interface for users utilizing Screen readers  

  • Symbols for users with limited literacy 

  • Map cannot cache, retain any search information, or retain any browser or IP information of users. 

  • Map Traits 

  • Administrative boundaries for tribal lands and other areas, to be determined.  

  • Zooming and auto population of organizations in a search area as well as search by radial distance 

  • Symbols, colors and shapes associated with organizational variables (shelter, medical, etc) 

  • Map searchable by Zipcode, address, city/state with and tribal reservations/villages highlighted for easy identification 

  • Address anonymity for services with confidential addresses 

  • Ability to “drill down” on services that populate based on your search 

  • Plan of launch to both test the mapping tool and include the tool on the Tribal Mapping website. 

  • Anything developed for this subsequently becomes property of the National Center. This should not include any tools that require ongoing subscription or membership payments for the National Center to maintain. 

Developer Skills

To be considered for this project, the developer must be comfortable and experienced with web development and Salesforce administration. The developer must be certified as a Salesforce Administrator or Advanced Administrator with experience using Salesforce connected API’s, out of the box apps or specialized apps working with Salesforce objects. They must be comfortable with Salesforce code and with updating any applicable permissions or roles to be used by the Tribal Mapping team. The developer should also have experience with the creation and/or maintenance of mapping tools. 

Requirements for Application 

The following should be included in your application to be considered by the National Center: 

  • Resume or CV of individual(s) 

  • Detailed Project Execution Plan 

  • Timeline 

  • Budget Proposal 
    Example(s) of relevant related project development 

  • Acknowledgement of needs highlighted under “tool features” and a statement if any of the needs will not be met in your completion of the award 

  • Reference Letter or Letter of Support from a previous client or development partner 


Deadline for Application: April 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm EST 

Formal Notification of Consideration and Interview Period (if needed): April 27, 2017- May 5, 2017 

*Note: Some additional materials or information may be requested from applicants prior to this date as bids are reviewed 

Project Start Date: Upon signature of SOW and formal agreement, on or after May 8, 2017 

Project Launch Date: August/September 2017 

Bids received after the stated closing date and time will not be considered. Applications that do not address the full request of the Tribal Mapping project will not be considered. Should a developer wish to retract or amend their bid, at any point, they should provide notification in writing to The National Center reserves the right to decline the amendment of any submitted bid.  

Application Instructions

Developers should provide their documentation in the form of one full PDF copy containing all requested documentation. This document should be emailed to  

The National Center intends to award the project to the bidder who is best able to meet the needs of the project within the timeframe provided. A contract will be awarded for furnishing all materials, equipment, labor and supervision required to complete the work set out in this solicitation. The developer will be reimbursed on a monthly basis for hours worked. Special consideration will be provided to developers who show knowledge of or sensitivity in working with tribal or victim populations.  

The selected developer will be a subcontractor for the National Center for Victims of Crime under a cooperative agreement in partnership with the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Therefore, the National Center will only award a subcontract to parties not listed as excluded on  

The National Center for Victims of Crime is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer/contractor. The National Center encourages all qualified applicants to apply, especially those who identify as a member of a minority or underserved group. We value diversity and are committed to an inclusive workforce.