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Past Events

Webinar Series: Everything a Lawyer Can Do for A Victim of Campus Sexual Assault

November 10, 2015 3:00 PM - December 16, 2015 4:30 PM

This series is still available for viewing. Click here to register and we will send you a link to the materials. This process is not automated, so to receive the materials faster, let Sam Webster know you wish to see the materials by emailing swebster@ncvc.org.

Victims of campus sexual assault have a myriad of legal needs. Those needs are often best addressed by one victim-centered, trauma-informed attorney. This training series is designed to prepare experienced crime victim litigators to offer this “vertical representation” as victims move through civil, criminal, and administrative systems in the aftermath of their sexual assault. To receive a certificate of completion for this training series, participants must complete all five webinars. 

6.5 CLE Credits
Member Cost: $200
Non-Member Cost: $350

Webinar Details:

Webinar One: Navigating Administrative Issues and Claims
60 mins

Presented by Cari Simon, Esq.
November 10

Victims of student-on-student sexual assault have a right under Title IX to campus sexual misconduct disciplinary proceedings. The recently enacted Violence Against Women Act amendments to the Clery Act provide that victims have the right to be represented by an advocate of their choice, including an attorney. Student victims also have a right to have a hostile environment remedied through accommodations. This webinar will prepare lawyers to represent victims in university disciplinary proceedings and negotiate reasonable accommodations for them. Where a university fails to comply with the provisions of Title IX, this webinar will examine the remedies available through a complaint through the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights to enforce Title IX and other civil rights.


Webinar Two: Accountability By The Perpetrator: Representing The Victim’s Interest In A Criminal Prosecution And Civil Claims Against The Offender
90 mins

Presented by Meg Garvin, Esq.  and John Clune, Esq.
November 19

A criminal prosecution has the primary purpose of holding a defendant accountable to the state, yet during a criminal case, the victim of that crime has statutory, and sometimes constitutional, participatory rights.  The victim’s representation by independent legal counsel can increase compliance with the victim’s right to be notified, present, heard, confer, and receive restitution.  The webinar will provide practical strategies for securing the victim’s rights at both the trial and appellate levels. A civil tort claim is designed to hold perpetrators directly accountable to the victim.  The webinar will explore both intentional tort claims against the offender as well as negligence claims which may provide for insurance coverage.  The webinar will also address retaliation claims brought by the perpetrator.


Webinar Three: Third Party Liability for Campus Sexual Assault
90 mins

Presented by Monica Beck, Esq.        
November 23

Campus sexual assault can lead to third-party liability. Schools and affiliated organizations, like fraternities, can be held accountable for creating or failing to eliminate dangerous environments, or failing to adequately respond to reports of sexual violence. This webinar will explore litigation issues in bringing state and federal claims against fraternities, universities, and other third parties.


Webinar Four: Special Issues for K-12 Campus Sexual Assault
90 mins

Presented by Dave Ring, Esq. and Adele Kimmel, Esq.
December 9

Sexual Assaults in a K-12 educational setting generate unique issues regarding civil liability, including: teachers as perpetrators, institutional retaliation, bullying and intimidation by peers and staff. This webinar will provide litigators with the foundational understanding and practical tools to effectively litigate these claims and enforce their clients’ rights.

Webinar Five: Protecting Victims’ Judgment or Settlement at the End of Litigation
60 mins

Presented by Jason Lazarus
December 16

This segment focuses exclusively on maximizing the impact of the hard fought recovery. Comprehensive settlement planning and structured settlements can maximize the use of the funds available to the victim from both the settlement itself and available public benefits through expert planning techniques. The webinar will examine the legal and ethical issues attorneys encounter when creating innovative settlement plans for personal injury, workers’ compensation and employment dispute cases.