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Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

Resource Directory for Service Providers



Accessible Information Exchange: Meeting on a Level Playing Field

Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice (2009), 18 pages
Guide for businesses including a special focus on the accessibility of a meeting site, with suggestions for the temporary removal of barriers in areas such as parking, building entrance, restrooms, and more.

Community Action Guide

Center on Community Accessibility, Oregon Institute on Disability and Development (2007), 102 pages
Guide leading users through three-phases of community engagement: town hall meetings, a community infrastructure meeting, and community resource mobilization. Includes facilitator guides for each phase, tools, lessons learned, and an alternative approach to community engagement.

Invite, Welcome, and Respect: Planning Accessible Meetings and Events

Washington State Arts Commission, 10 pages
Guide that includes suggestions to make all aspects of an event accessible.

Making Accessibility Real: A Guide for Planning Meetings, Conferences and Gatherings

Home and Community-Based Services Resource Network, 32 pages
Guide that includes lists of issues for consideration and sample registration form asking participants about special needs.

People First: How to Plan Events Everyone Can Attend

New York Department of Health (2008), 13 pages
Publication providing tips on planning meetings, conferences, and other events in which everyone can participate; includes a check list.


Removing Barriers: Planning Meetings That Are Accessible to All Participants

North Carolina Office on Disability and Health (2005), 68 pages
Publication, produced in collaboration with the Center for Universal Design, focuses on making smaller meetings accessible to all; includes eight-page accessible meetings checklist.