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Statement of National Center for Victims of Crime Executive Director Mai Fernandez re: Sandusky Sentencing

October 9, 2012
Anne Nicholas, 202.467.8714, anicholas@ncvc.org

Twitter: @CrimeVictimsOrg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ncvcfan

We are pleased that the victims in this case had their day in court, both today and during the criminal trial. Their courageous testimony this summer established that Jerry Sandusky committed these crimes; today victims were able to testify about the harm they suffered as a result of the sexual abuse.

We applaud the victims, as we extend our sympathy. Their testimony spoke about feelings of betrayal and isolation; many suffer depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. One victim described his guilt, saying that if he had come forward earlier Sandusky might not have abused other victims. That victim even went so far as to ask the other victims for forgiveness.

We are hopeful that today’s sentencing will assist victims in their recovery. As one survivor stated, “I have a long way to go on my journey to healing. I am not there yet, but now I have started.”

The judge’s ruling is effectively a life sentence. The victims—brave men who overcame obstacles of shame, fear, and embarrassment to offer testimony at trial and sentencing—have made it possible for Sandusky to be held accountable. We are all safer, knowing he will no longer be free to abuse children.


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