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Navy Yard Shootings: Communities must ensure that safety plans are in place and regularly drilled.

Statement by Mai Fernandez on Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings

National Center for Victims of Crime, Washington DC

September 16, 2013

Contact:   Kath Cummins

Today Washington, DC and the nation is in shock at the news that there have been multiple shooting deaths and critical injuries at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters located at the Navy Yard in the southeast of the city.

"Our hearts go out to the victims and their families who are grieving and struggling with critical injuries," said Mai Fernandez, Executive Director of the National Center for Victims of Crime.

"In the coming weeks and months the victims will need the support of their communities in the DC area and beyond." 

Victims include members of our military, our first responders and civilians. 

Some 3,000 people work at the Navy Yard, including military and civilians. But while NAVSEA is inside a military facility, it is important to note that it is part of a wider DC neighborhood that includes civilian offices, homes and schools. 

The ripple effect of these shootings has been felt throughout this community, with more than a half dozen local DC public and charter schools placed on lockdown, and people asked to stay inside their homes for several hours.

"This horrific shooting highlights the need for our communities to ensure that safety plans are in place and regularly drilled. A calm and thorough execution of these plans is essential to save lives and keep us all protected," Fernandez said.