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Statistics on Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Offenders are overwhelmingly male, ranging from adolescents to the elderly (page 171).
  • Some perpetrators are female. It is estimated that women are the abusers in about 14% of cases reported among boys and 6% of cases reported among girls.
  • Approximately one-third of offenders are themselves juveniles (page 172).
  • 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18 (page 3)
  • Only 14% of children who suffered sexual abuse were violated by an unknown perpetrator (page 172).
  • 60% of children are sexually abused by someone in their social circle. Hence, the phrase “Stranger Danger” is misleading (page 172).
  • Meta-analysis estimates that 14% of sexual offenders commit another sexual offense after five years, 24% after fifteen years (page 172).
  • Child Maltreatment 2010 reports that 6.2% of child abusers sexually abused a child (page 77).
  • 40-80% of juvenile sex offenders have themselves been victims of sexual abuse (Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, page 19).