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Mark W. Nowacki


Culpeper Victim/Witness Program

Culpeper, Virginia

For the past 13 years, Culpeper Victim Witness Program has organized a luncheon in April to honor survivors of crime and to raise crime victims' rights awareness during the National Crime Victims' Rights Week. Dignitaries from the community attend this annual event during which a "Victim's Advocacy Award" is presented to members of the community who deserve recognition for their care of victims and committment to victims' rights. This year's speaker was University of Virginia football coach Mike London.

What does being a member of the National Center mean to you?

Membership at the National Center has been a wonderful tool to educate our victim service providers. With the National Center's help, we build alliances with other advocates and stay informed on important legislation and news about victims' rights around the country.


What have you learned from working with crime victims?

First of all, victimization knows no boundaries, and every victim should be treated with dignity and respect. Our work as victim service advocates is a critical component of the criminal justice system and has a huge impact in reducing the burden and trauma victims experience in the aftermath of a crime, as the recovery is a long and complicated process.

What is the critical need in the victim services field?

Those of us that provide direct services to victims and witnesses of crime are proud to offer a variety of comprehensive services. The limitations and restrictions on funding have prevented us from doing more. With help and support, we can do even more to help reduce the trauma every victim of crime suffers through.