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Welcome to the Stalking Resource Center

The mission of the Stalking Resource Center is to enhance the ability of professionals, organizations, and systems to effectively respond to stalking.

SRC Lists - Members Corner

Discussion List Instructions

  • To send a message to ALL professionals subscribed to the SRC List you are a member of, simply send an e-mail to your List's main address:**
    • For Advocates:
    • For Law Enforcement:
    • For Prosecutors:
*Only members can post to these Lists.
**Please use caution when sending and responding to messages to this address as all List members will see your posts.

  • The SRC Lists support Plain Text only. HTML (aka Rich Text or MIME) is not supported. For more information about sending Plain Text e-mails, please visit
  • If you set an auto-response message for your e-mail account that is sent whenever an e-mail is received (for example, if you are going to be on vacation or out of the office), it is important that you prevent the auto-responses from being sent to your SRC List. Auto-responses sent to the List automatically turn off your subscription. For instructions on how to temporarily stop receiving mail from your List, see "Subscription Options" below.
  • Inappropriate or abusive activity will result in your removal from this discussion list.
  • You may unsubscribe from this discussion list at any time by submitting an “unsubscribe” form located at:

Best Practices

  • When sending a message to your SRC List, use a descriptive subject line. For example, if you want to let the list know that your state’s stalking law recently changed, use a subject such as “New York Stalking Statute Amended.”
  • Include a signature tag in all your posts including your name, e-mail address, agency, and location.
  • When sending questions or discussion topics to your SRC list, make it clear whether the responses would be of interest to the entire list or if you want a personal response. If you want a personal response, provide your name and contact information (e-mail address or phone number) so members are able to contact to you directly.
  • When replying to a particular List message, retain the original subject of that message in your response, but delete the original message. Failure to delete the original message in replies ends up filling the archives with repetitive entries.
  • Keep your posts brief and relevant to the List and its members.
  • Do not send responses such as “thank you,” “hope you are well,” or “me too,” to the entire List. Such responses are more appropriate to send to individuals.
  • Do not use the List to solicit, promote, or sell commercial products or services.
  • Be respectful and considerate of your colleagues in your postings.
  • If posting or responding to issue related to a particular case, please maintain confidentiality of concerned parties (e.g., victims, witnesses, etc.).

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Subscription Settings

SRC List members who register to LISTSERV Online can customize their subscription settings and access SRC List archives.

 Click here to register your e-mail address to LISTSERV Online.

To change your subscription settings:

  1. Log into your LISTSERV Online account (select "Subscribers Corner")
  2. Click on the name of the SRC List your are subscribed to.
  3. Select desired subscription settings (see below).
  4. Click "Update Options" to save your changes.

Subscription Types

SRC List members have three subscription settings to choose from:
  • Regular (Default): You receive individual posts immediately.
  • Digest: Rather than receiving individual posts, you will receive one message each day with a collection (digest) of list postings. If no posts are added to the List on a particular day, you will not receive a message.
  • Index: Rather than receiving individual posts, you will receive one message each day with a list (index) of what has been discussed. The index includes the date, author names and e-mail address, subject of the message, and the number of lines in the message of each post made during the day.

Acknowledgement Settings

When you post a message you can decide whether you want a notification confirming your submission. You can set your account to receive:
  • No acknowledgements: You will not receive any confirmation as to whether your posting was received or distributed to List members.
  • Short message confirming receipt: You will receive a short message after posting to your List confirming it has been sent and the number of people it was sent to.
  • Receive copy of own posting (default): You will receive a copy of your posting so you are able to see how it would appear to other members of your List.

Miscellaneous Settings

*Mail delivery disabled temporarily: By checking this option you will stop List messages from being sent to your e-mail account. Uncheck this box when you are ready to receive List messages again.
*If you go on vacation or will be out of the office and set an auto-response message for your e-mail account that is sent whenever an e-mail is received, please select this option. If auto-responses are sent in response to discussion List messages, your subscription can be automatically turned off.

Short cut:
You can also disable mail delivery by sending a "Command" e-mail to the SRC List server with the following text in the message section:

SET [*Name of the SRC List you are subscribed to] [your e-mail address] NOMAIL

For example:

To begin receiving messages again, send an e-mail to with the following text in the message section:

SET [*Name of the list you are subscribed to] [your e-mail address] MAIL

For example:

*Lists names:

SRC Lists Archives

You can view a record of posts made to your SRC List. You must be registered with LISTSERV Online to access your List's archives. You can only access the archives of the list you are a member of:

SRC List for Advocates Archive
SRC List for Law Enforcement Archive
SRC List for Prosecutors Archive

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