SVAA Resource Center

Supporting state victim assistance academies through training and technical assistance.


SVAA Resource Center Fact Sheet

What is the SVAA Resource Center? This fact sheet will explain the origin and background of the SVAA Resource Center and how it can help you.

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SVAA Framework Info Sheet

This fact sheet covers the purpose of the State Victim Assistance Academies (SVAAs) and the framework that the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) believes provides the SVAAs with the best chance of success in achieving their goals.

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VOCA Funding for SVAAs Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains frequently asked questions about such topics as VOCA victim assistance formula grants, VOCA discretionary training grants and other funding issues that you might encounter.

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SVAA Resource Center Chatter Group Instructions

View the instruction manual on how to use the SVAA Resource Center Chatter Group, where administrators and advocates can network, discuss and share ideas. If you need an invite to the Chatter group, email your request to Sam Webster at

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Communities of Practice and SVAAs

This white paper takes an in-depth look at communities of practice and explores how to develop strong connections throughout all levels of your SVAA network. 

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SVAA Dec 2016 Meeting Slides

PDF, 2.30 MB


Videos from the 2017 SVAA Leadership Symposium:

Victims Movement

NVAA Videos

The videos produced through the National Victim Assistance Academy may be very helpful as SVAAs move forward in curriculum development/refinement efforts. Click here for information on the videos and/or order them.


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