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Making the Argument for Parallel Justice
our own communities – to inform these discussions. Fact Sheets on Crime and Victimization Take away points on ... repeat victimization mental health consequences of crime healthcare costs, the case for Parallel Justice requires a greater understanding of the strong link between victimization
Model Campus Stalking Policy Released by National Center for Victims of Crime and CALCASA
of stalking victimization. More than 13 percent of college women in one study had been stalked, are often repeat offenders, campuses may not grasp the seriousness of the crime and its impact
of repeat victimization; and the benefits of developing relationships between the police, crime victims
with Vicarious Trauma Sexual Assault and HIV: The Prophylaxis Debate Preventing Repeat Victimization Winter 2001 Includes: The Timing of Victim Statements: Two
Parallel Justice- A Matter of Conscience
obligations. 9. Safety planning to prevent repeat victimization. Studies have shown us that after you, to prevent repeat victimization. Regular surveys of victims. Now, I’m sure with the talent, lessons about trauma, about victimization, and about justice. Today I would like to talk to you about, is similar for victims of sexual assault. We also know that victimization during adolescence can, as victimization by peers and strangers. The National Center’s recent report, “Our Vulnerable
Promising Practices and Strategies for Victim Services in Corrections
." "Responding to Workplace Violence and Staff Victimization." The "Victim Impact Classes/Panels, of Corrections and local supervisory authorities to protect the public and reduce the risk of repeat, (which they can help revise, as needed, based upon their experiences), trends in both victimization
DNA Training Faculty
and internationally on the subject of family violence, criminal victimization, community intervention, six years until DNA made a cold hit on a repeat offender. Since the end of a lengthy trial, Ms
Stalking Legislative Updates 2009-2011
the state to inform certain employees of communication in the workplace that are related to victimization