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2012 National Conference Presentations

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Assessing and Addressing Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in a Local Context - Kendra Penry

Assessment of Domestic Violence Cases Supporting Offender Accountability, Victim Safety, and Effective Response - Karen Neill, Ph.D., R.N., SANE-A

Challenging Perceptions: Military Responses to Domestic and Sexual Violence - Heather Fiedler

Collaborating and Training Across the Spectrum: To Effectively Respond to Crimes Committee Against Persons with Disabilities Using a Multidisciplinary Approach - Nancy A. Alterio, Marilyn Hammond, Ph.D.

Dating Violence: Advocating for Teen Survivors - Morgan Lynn

DNA PROKIDS: DNA in Human Trafficking - Arthur Jay Eisenberg, Jose Antonio Lorente

Domestic Sex Trafficking: The Chicago Approach (A Multidisciplinary Approach to Services and Persecution - Lou Longhitano, Jennifer Greene

Ethical Legal Advocacy-Issues for Domestic Violence Advocates - Jessica Dayton, Erin Scott

Giving Victims of Cybercrime a VOICE: Resources Available for Victim Advocates and Law Enforcement - Kathryn Malbon Rinker, Kimberly Williams

Healing the Hurt: Parenting the Sexually Abused Child - Shannon Cossaboom

Incorporating Victim Voices into Research: Examples from the Field - Seri Irazola, Ph.D., Erin Williamson, Bethany L. Backes, Sara Debus-Sherrill, M.A., Emily Niedzwiecki

Oklahoma's State-Tribal Crime Victim Liaison Initiative - Brian Hendrix

Preparing Children for the Legal Process in Sexual Assault and Family Violence Cases: Strategies for Success - Roger Canaff

Protecting Elder Abuse Victims: Building the Case, Building the Team - Arlene Markarian

Recognizing and Responding to the Trauma Responses of Victims of Crime with Substance Use Issues - Linda Douglas, M.ED., LADC

Responding to American Indian/Alaskan Native Crime Victims with Disabilities: What You Need to Know - Gayle Thom

Responding to Victim Witness Intimidation: Milwaukee's Approach - Kara Schurman, Branko Stojsavljevic

Right to a Separate & Secure Waiting Area in Courthouses: Unfulfilled Promise to Reality - Janet E. Fine, M.S., Christopher Klaskin, M.S.

SAFE Start: Building Partnerships to Address Service Disparities for Victims with Developmental Disabilities - Kira Laffe, Miriam Siddiq, Bobra Fyne

Team Work = Success: Collaborating to Save Inner-City High Crime Areas - Darlene Averick, Senior Investigator Rosa Donini, SA Michael Eberhardt

Transgender Survivors: Statistics, Stories, Strategies - Michael Munson, Loree Cook-Daniels

Unidisciplinary to Transdisciplinary Response to Elder Victimization - Kirk Kimberly, Patrick Stickel

Using Social Influence to Combat Investment Fraud - Christine Kieffer

Vision 21: Transforming Victim Services - Joye E. Frost

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bounce! Facilitating Resilience in Victimized Youth - Whitney Maynor, Ph.D., Amy Vigliotti, Ph.D.

The Colorado Project to Comprehensively Combat Human Trafficking - AnnJanette Alejano-Steele, Ph.D., Lindsey Breslin, MSSW

Community Policing and Drug Endangered Children - Jade Woodard, Nazmia Alqadi, Karan Goldsberry

Crime Victims and Forensic Science: Implications for Crime Victims' Rights and Services - Mitch Morrissey, Steve Siegel

Domestic Violence Court Partnership: Developing Systems to Meet Survivor's Needs - Ann Cofell, Patty Hackett, Judge Kris Davick-Halfen, Janelle Kendall

Healing the Warrior Within: An Exploration of Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation -Carly Sachs

Implementing an Agenda for Crime Victims with Disabilities - Nora Baladerian, Ph.D., Nancy A. Alterio, Paul B. Feuerstein, Roberts Sick, Tom Coleman

Immigration Relief for Foreign Victims - Ashley Garrett, Scott Whelan

Legislative Updates for the 112th Congress - Susan Howley

Lessons from Penn State - Victor Vieth

Media Training: Developing the Message - Anne Nicholas

The NISVS Stalking Data: Implications for the Field - Michelle Garcia

Navigating the Criminal Justice System Within a Support Group Setting - Emmy Ritter, Crystal Tenty

Office for Older Americans-Protecting Seniors from Financial Exploitation - Jenefer Duane, Naomi Karp

The Power of Partnerships: Utilizing a Collaborative Response to Meet the Needs of Older Victims of Abuse - Risa Breckman, LCSW, Veronica LoFaso, MD

Providing Collaborative Services for Abuse in Later Life Survivors - Ann Turner

Promising Partnership Practices Between Law Enforcement and Immigrant Victims of Crime - Pradine Saint-Fort, Leslye Orloff, Anthony Flores

Reducing Victimization for Individuals with Disabilities, Behavior and Communication - Scott Modell, Ph.D

The Role of Child Abuse Pediatricians in Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect - Allison Jackson, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P.

Screening: Determining the Survivor and Abuser in LGBQ/T Relationships Where There is Domestic Violence - Shakira Cruz Roman, Tre'Andre Valentine

When Communities are Victimized: Strategies for Addressing Trauma and Building Resilience - Elaine Zook Barge, Nathan C. Barge

Friday, September 21, 2012

Advocating for Immigrant Victims at Risk of Removal - Sonia Parras Konard, Rosie Hidalgo

Bridging Barriers into Indian Country - Geri Wisner-Foley, Judge Saunie Wilson

Bridging the Gap: A Collaboration Among Victims, Advocates, and Re-entry Specialists - Elizabeth Gaynes, Marie Verzuli, Susan Herman, Kathy Boudin

Elder Abuse: Common, Lethal, and Expensive -Kathleen Quinn

Ensuring Program Access and Physical Accessibility in Courthouses for Victims of Crime with Disabilities - Jason Johnson, Vickie Simpson

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly - Elizabeth Loewy, Risa Breckman, LCSW

How to Protect Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse, Bullying, and Harassment - Katherine Starr

Increasing Offender Accountability and Victim Safety in Stalking Cases - Mark Kurkowski, Jennifer Landhuis

An Innovative Youth Violence Prevention and Interaction Program: Overview, Curriculum, and Evaluation - Jessica Mischkot, Lola Martin

Managing Organizations to Promote Resiliency - Karen Kalergis, Debra K. Anderson, Veronica Neuoff, Noel Busch-Armendariz

The Misunderstood Victim: Assisting Those with an Acquired Brain Injury - Nils Rosenbaum, M.D., Matthew Tinney

More DNA Testing, With Less Taxpayer Funding - Chris Asplen, William McVey, Glenn Vandergrift

Re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act: The Plan and Our Progress - Susan Howley, Rosie Hidalgo

Responding to Foreign Child Victims of Human Trafficking - Kathryn Naomi Taylor

Sharing Space: Officer/Advocate Strategies for Supporting Victims in High-Risk Domestic Violence Situations - Crystal Tenty, Tami Shafer

Strategic Fundraising: Models that Work -Beth Grupp