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  • Judge rules documents be public in priest abuse case

    By Joseph A. Slobodzian

    A Philadelphia judge has ruled that documents and other evidence from pretrial proceedings in a lawsuit involving sexual abuse of minors by a Catholic priest will remain public before trial.


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  • NCVBA Member Brad Edwards sues child protection agency and sheriff’s office for toddler’s death

    Sun Sentinel

    Attorneys representing the estate of a 3-year-old boy found dead in the laundry room of his family’s Hollywood home have filed a lawsuit against the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Children and Families, accusing the agencies of failing to protect the child when they should have known his life was in danger.


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  • Reporting a school sexual assault can increase a victim’s risk of punishment

    By Emma Brown/Washington Post

    The Education Department has seen a spike during the past year in the number of civil rights complaints filed against K-12 schools for allegedly mishandling reports of sexual violence. But K-12 students who report sexual assault at school are often penalized for doing so, activists and federal officials say, pointing to cases in which victims of alleged sexual assault have been disciplined. 


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  • Sex tourism victim wins unprecedented civil judgment of nearly $1M

    By David Chanen, Star Tribune

    A federal jury in Minneapolis decided Thursday that the man who raped a teenager in Laos will pay his victim $950,000 — the first judgment ever in a civil case involving sex tourism.


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  • Baylor rape scandal involves recruiting ‘hostess’ program. These things still exist?

    By Will Hobson/Washington Post

    The latest lawsuit against Baylor University alleging rampant rape committed by football players with impunity has again cast attention on college “hostess clubs,” groups of women often selected for appearance and personality to greet prized high school football recruits when they visit campus.


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  • A boy was sexually abused in a janitor’s closet. Is the school responsible?

    By Moriah Balingit and Andee Erickson/Washington Post

    Bobby Gobble was a janitor at Lebanon Elementary School when he began luring a boy to the custodian’s office and sexually abused him behind closed doors. Although the abuse occurred behind closed doors in Gobble’s office, in a stockroom and in Gobble’s home, the boy who suffered abuse while living with Gobble claims that the school board and school personnel in Lebanon, Va., should have done more to protect him. A new lawsuit filed in federal court alleges that school employees were ill-equipped to prevent the abuse and to spot the signs that the boy was being regularly victimized.


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  • Brooklyn yeshiva settles with sexual assault accusers for $2.1M

    By Susan Edelman/New York Post

    A prominent Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn agreed to pay an unprecedented $2.1 million to two former students who charged their teacher - accused serial molester Rabbi Joel Kolko - of sexually assaulting them, The Post has learned. Kolko's case marks the first time a New York yeshiva has paid off victims of sex abuse, experts said.


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  • Missouri dealer settles $2.2M case over gun-shop liability

    By Bill Draper/AP via Washington Post

    A pawn shop that sold a gun to a mentally ill Missouri woman who used it to fatally shoot her father settled Tuesday in a wrongful death case for $2.2 million, which the plaintiff’s lawyer says is the largest settlement since a 2005 federal law that shields gun manufacturers from most similar lawsuits.


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  • Victims turn table on Internet ‘troll,’ win $1.4 million civil award

    By Justin Jouvenal/Washington Post

    William Moreno said the campaign of Internet trolling he and his family endured was as vicious as it was unrelenting. The “reign of terror,” as he described it, was so bad that Moreno said he eventually tried to take his own life. Now, he and his family have finally turned the tables on one of the men they accused of tormenting them, winning a $1.4 million civil judgment in court.


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